Maren and I would like to announce our 2024 Costa Rica Tour dates, as we are currently getting everything lined up for our 10th year guiding tours to our favorite ‘home away from home’.

Our ‘Pura Vida Paragliding Tours’ are designed for anyone from the low airtime pilot to work on building his thermal skills to the advanced level pilot that just wants to spend some stress-free hours thermal flying in a warm tropical environment. Regardless of your starting level, these are instructional tours and we be working together to move you along the path towards mastery of paragliding flight!

While we dedicate most of our energies towards paragliding, it is Costa Rica after all, and we will be taking advantage of a few of the many, many adventure activities that are available locally. These include chocolate tours, snorkeling, and wildlife watching in the many national parks and exploring the countryside/jungle. (Last year we found 4 sloths within 2 kilometers of our houses!)

Between flying times, you can relax at the pool, explore the local community, or even join Brad on one of his ‘always interesting, yet rarely planned’ adventure drives. Sunset swims in the ocean are a daily part of the routine.

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The houses are reserved… The cars are reserved… Tickets are bought…

Let’s do this! 😊