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2020 – The Never Beginning Summer?

Hi everyone! Covid 19. The Corona Virus. It seems it’s all we hear about these days. We are, like so many other small businesses temporarily closed because of its consequences. It’s a bummer, but it has been the right thing to do considering so many unknowns. Not to fear though. We ARE going to get [...]


Where we fly in the Seaside / Gearhart Area Locally, paragliders are using a ground based towing system where a vehicle with a specially designed winch system pulls the paraglider aloft. The vehicle and paraglider start in close proximity, with the paraglider climbing higher as the vehicle drives along the beach between Sunset and Del [...]

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A 'pay-out' style winch is typically mounted in either a truck or a boat, with the pilot setting up about 50' downwind. As the vehicle begins driving/moving, the pilots waits for that first 'tension' signal to inflate his/her glider. As the glider comes over the pilots head, the line tension is then further increased to [...]

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Maren, a native of northern Germany, first came to the Northwest in 1997. Already a beginning paraglider pilot, she had read about the great paragliding opportunities here, and with a conveniently timed job opportunity, jumped at the chance to come to Portland for a year and fly our local sites. Nine months into her stay, [...]

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A Dream of Flight. An Aircraft 'Discovered'. In June of 1992, Brad first 'discovered paragliding' and became immediately and completely obsessed with this crazy new sport. He began working for his then instructor in 1993, and by 1994 had started 'Paradventures!' with the intent of soon forming his own school. It became almost immediately apparent, [...]

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