Pura Vida Paragliding Tour 2024 – Are you Ready?!?

Maren and I would like to announce our 2024 Costa Rica Tour dates, as we are currently getting everything lined up for our 10th year guiding tours to our favorite ‘home away from home’. Our ‘Pura Vida Paragliding Tours’ are designed for anyone from the low airtime pilot to work on building his thermal skills [...]

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Aunty Cyclone – We haven’t seen you in so long…

Actually that's anti-cyclone, (even though this one is forcing us to say 'uncle'!*), and there is a huge one right over our heads this entire weekend. This means two things: For our beginning students, and anyone wanting to fly at the coast this weekend, they are in for disappointment. For others, the tourist types [...]

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Weather trivia for a Blue Sky day.

Today we cancelled classes. Winds this morning are light, but definitely offshore, but my predictions are that the winds will come onshore around 11:30 to noon this morning, (if not before). From a bit of logic learned over years of observation, we have discovered that typically, the only thing to 'overpower' an offshore wind [...]

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