So, You want to go on an International Paragliding Tour?

Awesome! Before you put down your money and your time to go on your dream paragliding vacation, you should ask yourself some questions first.

What kind of tour experience would you like to have?

How much flying do you want to do? – All day every day? Most of the time? Or a split between flying and other adventures?

How prepared are you, skill wise, to fly at the destination you are considering?

What are you physically ready for? How is your physical and mental endurance?

Do you only want to see the country you’re visiting from a bird-eye view, or do you want to do some exploring on the ground, meet the people, experience some of the local culture too?

These are just some of the many questions you might consider before committing to a tour.

We also encourage pilots to reach out and have a chat with the instructors/guides you are considering traveling with. Just as with basic instruction, it’s good to find a personality and teaching/learning style match with your instructor or guide. Perhaps even more so when considering travel abroad.

Discover Paragliding Adventure Tours: What should you expect?

An adventure, of course!

The main priority of our tours is having a good, safe and fun experience. Airtime is an important part of the tour, certainly, but we also love the culture, the people, and the environment of the countries that we choose to take you. With 10 years of leading tours to Costa Rica, we feel we’ve barely scratched the surface on all there is to see and do there! Don’t worry though, we already know many secret spots and hidden gems throughout Costa Rica and now in Colombia too. If you join us, we’ll be enthusiastic about sharing them with you!


Non-Flying Significant Others (NFSO’s):

There are so many non-paragliding activities to do in both Costa Rica and in Colombia, that we encourage NFSO’s to come along too. Ask us what’s available that might be of interest to your NFSO, and we can help arrange activities for them too if desired!
Our lodging will be comfortable, not an all-inclusive resort nor a hostel either. In Costa Rica we have two town homes, and in Colombia we have a couple of houses for most of the tour, and any hotels, influenced by the colorful Colombian culture, could easily be described as delightful.

As for the flying part of our tours:

Costa Rica: Our main flying site is just minutes from our door and is an amazing learning environment for new P-2’s and P-3’s looking to improve their flying skills and even for P‑4’s looking to fly in a fun and relaxed environment. Head up to launch in the morning, break for lunch/sightseeing midday, then return for more flying in the evening.

Colombia: Our Colombian tours are for intermediate to advanced pilots, wanting to work on their thermalling and XC skills in a safe and relaxed environment. Majestic mountains, expansive vistas with plenty of terrain to explore. It should be considered big mountain thermal flying. One of our main XC sites will be an almost 4500’ vertical sled ride if there isn’t any lift. Even that’s an amazing flight!

All of our paragliding tours should be considered educational tours. We will do our best to make sure you are learning something new every day, from beginning to advanced levels.

Also, knowing that the best learning environment is a low stress environment, we choose lesser known and non‑touristy flying sites where it is not uncommon for our group to be mostly alone on the hill and in the skies.

Are You Intrigued?

If so, give our Costa Rica and Colombia tour pages a look.

Costa Rica – Pura Vida Paragliding!

Encanto de Colombia Paragliding Tour!


Want More Info???

Give us a ring! Looks like we might be spending a lot of time together, so let’s get to know each other! (Send us an email too, so we can forward on even more information.)

Hopefully we’ll get to fly with you in the tropical skies of Central or South America!