Where we fly in the Seaside/Gearhart Area

Locally, paragliders are using a ground based towing system where a vehicle with a specially designed winch system pulls the paraglider aloft. The vehicle and paraglider start in close proximity, with the paraglider climbing higher as the vehicle drives along the beach between Sunset and Del Rey Beach approaches. Elevations of over 3000’ (Three Thousand feet) can be reached with this method. Once the paraglider reaches maximum altitude, the tow line is released and quickly rewound into the tow vehicle.

Please be aware if there are Paragliders in the air, there is probably a towline somewhere beneath them. Also note that while we are towing, we will be remain in the space depicted on the section and in the link below.

Operations will frequently be conducted during daylight hours for the duration of the of our flying season. (Approx. April 15 to October 15th.)


  • CTAF/UNICOM: 122.8

  • CTAF/UNICOM: 122.9