Covid-19 – 2023 Season Update:

For the duration of the 2023 flying season: All students and tandem passengers will be required to provide proof of ‘Up to Date’ vaccination status for Covid-19 (as defined by the CDC HERE) prior to any training sessions. With our extended group exposure, both indoors and outdoors, we feel that this decision definitely falls into the ‘best practices’ category for the continued health and safety of our students and instructors.

Tandem Update: We are now offering tandem instructional flights on a weekday schedule (Mon-Fri), adding limited weekend availability from September 1st, to the end of the flying season.
Please Contact Us for more information.

Covid: Let’s keep this thing under control!

Discover Paragliding – Paragliding and Paramotor Training!


You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Let the team at Discover Paragliding make your dreams of flight a reality! Our Master Rated ‘Couple of Instructors’ and our associated instructors form a world class team that can take you from that very first day to heights yet only imagined.
Whether it’s a scenic tandem flight, an extended instructional experience, or even touring foreign lands, we’ll be there helping you have the best experiences possible!
Paragliding is our passion and we love sharing it with new and aspiring pilots just like you!


The Ultimate Training Experience!

Let our team of instructors introduce you to this amazing sport we call paragliding! We’ll start by teaching you a bit of ‘ground handling’ then as soon as it’s appropriate, we’ll get you onto the tow line and into the air and flying!

Your first flights will range up to 300′ high, giving you plenty of altitude, and time, to be able to process all the different phases of flight. Don’t worry, one of our instructors will be in your ear via radio to help guide you from launch, through the climb out, to the release from the tow line, to flying free, and eventually to a gentle landing on the soft sandy beach below.

From there, the sky really is no limit, and we can take you as far as you would like to go with your new found passion! Yes, it can really be that addictive! Come join the fun!


Internationally acclaimed training!

Join our USPPA certified instructors as they take you from that first day to being able to fly safely and confidently on your own. Our tow launched training system makes for a simple transition to powered flight!


Your Introduction to Flight!

Fly and learn with one of our USHPA certified Master Tandem Instructors up to 3000′ high over the spectacular Sunset Beach. From that elevation, you can see over 60 miles in every direction, including the Cascade Volcanoes, and over 120 miles of the Pacific coastline. On a clear day, you can ‘almost’ see forever!


Going well beyond the basics…

Advanced Ratings, Special Skills courses, even Instructor, Tandem Instructor and Tow Administrator Courses and Certifications are available.

We are the only school in the region with an Instructor, Tandem and Tow Administrator on staff!