Hi everyone!

Covid 19. The Corona Virus. It seems it’s all we hear about these days. We are, like so many other small businesses temporarily closed because of its consequences. It’s a bummer, but it has been the right thing to do considering so many unknowns. Not to fear though. We ARE going to get started, and though we’ve had a couple of postponements, I’m thinking we should be able to get out on the beach again soon!

As of now, our current (revised) start dates are:

June 4th for Solo Flight Training
June 13th for Tandem Flights

We are going to hold off scheduling any special events or clinics until we can get a better handle what the future will hold. Instructor and Tandem Instructor candidates, and Reserve System Training participants can contact us individually, and we will see what we can make happen.


While we have desperately missed teaching these past couple of months, I have to confess, we have enjoyed some extra time making some long desired improvements, both for the business, and around our house. We don’t usually have any time in the spring, and it’s been kinda nice!

Some of the projects we’ve been working on include a new website, which has taken a lot of time as I learn my way around WordPress. Fortunately, we found a Costa Rican friend who built the site for me and is helping out with the continued improvements. We are currently working on an online booking/scheduling, and an online daily notification for the next day’s schedule. Ultimately, we are planning an online store too.

One of the big things that I’ve been working towards is a better email management system. I haven’t been very responsive the past few months, partly because of our early season travels, largely because of the uncertainties of the current situation, but mostly because I have had a terrible email system for years. I’ve been doing a LOT of deleting of old messages (oh that feels good!), changing our host and even moving everything over to Outlook. Sounded like a simple project when I started! Now though, it’s ready, and I’m hoping to be much more responsive this season than in years past. Look for emails from us soon, and if you want to, send us another and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


For now, things you can do to stay informed of our latest plans are:


  1. Sign up for our newsletter. It’s on our contact page here: https://www.discoverparagliding.com/contact/#newsletter
  2. Visit our Blog Page here: https://www.discoverparagliding.com/blog/
  3. Check our home page for more info. We’ll keep that updated under the Covid – 19 banner. We’ll also be posting things we’ll need you to prepare before your training or flight to adhere to best healthy practices, both there and in our blog.
  4. Send us an email. We’ll be responding much more promptly now!

We can’t wait to see you all flying high above Sunset Beach again! Be in touch if you would like to get on the schedule.

Happy 2020! Summer’s coming!

Brad, Maren, and Kate
Discover Paragliding!