Powered Paragliding is a close cousin to paragliding, and makes a great companion to the sport, or even an exciting sport in it’s own right. Flying can be done with either your existing paraglider wing, or a more specialized PPG wing. Add the powered paraglider unit under that, and you have one of the most convenient methods of personal aviation available today.

Just as with paragliding, Powered Paragliding (PPG) has many different ‘styles’. Popping out to the local field and going for an hour flight around the local area is probably the most common type of flight, while other options include long distance flying, or even aerobatic flight as well!

While they look the very similar, Powered Paragliding and Paragliding are actually two fairly different ways to enjoy flying. With PPG, you have the ability to fly unconstrained by the shape of the terrain, or by the drift in a thermal. You can do a lot of exploring of ‘uncharted’ territory with a PPG, that is often not available with a PG. We are equally enthusiastic about both PG and PPG, and consider it part of our job to help you decide which sport (if not both!) is right for you!