Our Introductory Tandem Experience package is suitable for almost anyone wishing to experience flight, though we do have a max weight restriction of 240 pounds for a height/weight proportionate person.

For launch, you will need to be able to run a few steps as you become airborne. When you come in for landing, you need to be confident that you can stay on your feet and be able to absorb an ‘impact’ comparable to skipping the last step on a flight of stairs.

We are always happy to fly most anyone, regardless of physical ability although. Please contact us and discuss your special circumstances and we will do what we can to make the proper arrangements. With proper weather conditions and advanced notice, there are few things we enjoy more than sharing our passion with someone to might previously have thought it impossible.

For our solo programs, be aware that handling a paraglider is about finesse, not about strength. You should be in reasonable physical shape, be able to run short distances, and be able to hike up our training hills while carrying about 25 pounds of gear. Fortunately, with any of our towing programs, there is no need to hike up the training hill at all for those first flights.

Our school gliders are able certified for a pilot weight range up to 250 pounds, but we can work with folks of larger proportion by special arrangement.