Our Introductory Tandem Experience Program, Scheduling, and Fitness Requirements

(Please read, e-sign, and submit a copy of this document prior to your scheduled training.)

Scheduling: Our standard suggestion is to give us as much notice as possible for your available dates, but to “never give up”. Our current tandem flying schedule is select Mondays through Fridays as we can fit it in. Give us as much notice as you can, but never give up, we might be able to fit you in on very short notice. We’ll do our best.

We evaluate the weather and confirm (or cancel?) classes and meeting times on the evening before via a post on our website/twitter feed and sometimes, even with an early morning post if the weather is strongly in question. Please do confirm that you are on the schedule before heading out. (You can find our twitter feed via the little + sign on our menu bar.

Fitness and Paragliding: Tandem flights are not very strenuous, but it does require the ability to stay on your feet and run at least a few yards, especially if the winds are very light. For this reason, we ask you to honestly assess your physical health and abilities prior to your flight.

Please answer the following questions, not only as a personal assessment of your ability to participate in this new sport, but also to provide insight into how we might best serve your instructional and safety needs: (All answers are kept confidential.)

No spaces. Only 10 digits or dashes.
Are you 'Up-to-date' with your Covid-19 Vaccination Series as defined by the CDC?
Please provide a copy of your vaccination records prior to booking.
Which Vaccine series did you receive?
Which vaccine series did you recieve? (Choose all that apply)
Do you agree, if you experience the onset of Covid or other medical symptoms, to re-schedule any conflicting classes at the earliest opportunity?
Are you feeling sick? Let us know and we'll reschedule ASAP!
Let us know if we should be aware of any special medical or physical conditions.
Bee stings, pollen, large nylon airfoils?
e.g. insulin or carry any emergency medications such as an epi-pen, inhaler, or nitroglycerin? Please list any we should be aware of.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. Always happy to have a conversation... We look forward to being your guides into this amazing sport called Paragliding!

See you up there, soon!

Brad and Maren, your Discover Paragliding Team!

Thank you for submitting this information about yourself. One of the Discover Paragliding Team will be back in touch soon!