Paragliding trip to Colombia during the US cold winter


This 2020 we start our flying lessons on March.


Jaco Jaco

Discover with us an exciting country doing paragliding with us



Oregon Discover Paragliding, Warrenton, OR

Discover our complete array of training programs. All of our Paragliding training programs include a 30 day membership to the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Pilots wishing to continue their training can, if necessary, purchase an additional 30 membership for $12/ea, or an annual USHPA pilot membership (with additional benefits). [bookly-form category_id="3" show_number_of_persons="1" [...]


Oregon Discover Paragliding, Warrenton, OR

The exhilaration of first flight has never been easier than with our Tandem Instructional flight program. You can experience flight by launching directly from a sandy beach with our tow launched Introductory Tandem Experience program. Before your flight, your instructor will guide you through a brief ground school session that will introduce you to the [...]

Training and Ground School.

Unstable Weather days call for flexibility. We are planning on working ground school for most of the day, moving from the classroom out to the beach as the weather suggests is appropriate. Hoping for a little bit of both.

Available Training Days

Oregon Discover Paragliding, Warrenton, OR

Please contact us if you are available for any of the days this weekend for training. We will adjust the day/weekly schedule to account for current weather, and perhaps most importantly, your availability!

Weekend training

Oregon Discover Paragliding, Warrenton, OR

Opening weekend! 2021 Season Begins!

Oregon Discover Paragliding, Warrenton, OR

We will open our 2021 season for solo flight training, both PG and PPG on April 8th. Contact us to get on the schedule. See you 'up' there soon! Brad, Maren and Kate Discover Paragliding!

Instructor Training Program Weekend

Oregon Discover Paragliding, Warrenton, OR

Training for both basic and advanced instructors is available this weekend. Just getting started? Working towards advanced? Join the master instructors at Discover Paragliding for this three day course to get you started or to take you to that next level. Contact us for more info.

Costa Rica 2023 – Tour 1

Jaco Jaco

Are you tired of the winter flying doldrums? Are you ready for some tropical warmth? Join us this winter for an adventure filled paragliding tour on the central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica!


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