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Extended Introductory Tandem Experience (Click full screen for HD video)

Maren and Katie having fun over Sunset Beach. (Click full screen for HD video)

Dune Soaring at Fort Stevens (Click full screen for HD video)

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Have you ever...

...found yourself gazing into the skies, perhaps watching with envy as eagles soar effortlessly on the currents of the wind?

...wondered what it would be like to be out there too?

Paragliding is the sport that can answer that question for you. Over the last twenty years, paragliding has become the world's most popular and easiest to learn method of "sharing the air" with our feathered friends. To soar with the eagles has been one of mankind's oldest and most exciting dreams. Finally, with paragliding, you can make that dream come true for you too.

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Caught on Google Earth! Paragliding launch from Google Earth
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